Physiotherapy Camps

BPT Physiotherapy Camp - September

Our trust Shree Krishna Educational Charitable Trust has established Physiotherapy College namely BITS institute of Physiotherapy and Physiotherapy OPD in the academic year 2014-15. It is grateful for Physiotherapy staff members that our honorable chairman sir has taken the interest to conduct free Physiotherapy camps in the villages surrounding the BITS Edu Campus. With the cumulative effort of our honorable chairman sir and team of BITS institute of Physiotherapy, we have successfully conducted 3 free Physiotherapy camps in 2 villages, Varnama and Alamgir.

Our team is thankful to Shri Dineshbhai patel (Sarpanch - Varnama village), Shr Bipinbhai Patel (Sarpanch – Alamgir Village) Shri. Jagdishbhai Patel (Maintenance Officer, BITS Edu Campus) and Shri. Pintubhai Patel (Pharmacy lab assistant, BITS Edu Campus) for their constant support.

The Physiotherapy camps are organized with the strong motto of creating health and Physiotherapy awareness among the village people. Who lack proper medical facilities and usually suffers from health problems.

With this same vision, our team will continue organizing such camps and creating health awareness around the campus.

Sr. No Camp date/time Camp venue Total no. of patients Staff member


Community hall, Gram panchayat, Varnama. 28

Dr. Mehul Jadav,
Dr. Paras Bhura,
Dr. Rushikesh Joshi,
Dr. Mehul Contractor



Primary school, Alamgir. 42

Dr. Ajita Misra,
Dr. Mehul Contractor,
Dr. Kunjal Parekh



Community hall, Gram panchayat, Varnama 39

Dr. Paras Bhura,
Dr. Rushikesh Joshi
Dr. Madhuri Gaur

Physiotherapy camps : Glimpses

At Varnama Village, 09/09/2014