Physiotherapy Camps

Children's Day and World Diabetes Day 2014

On the occasion of Children’s Day and world Diabetes Day on 14th November 2014 a Free Blood Glucose Level Check up Camp was organized by BITS Institute of Physiotherapy. The Venue of the camp was Physiotherapy Department, below the Auditorium, BITS Edu Campus, Varnama, Vadodara. The Camp started at 10:00 AM and saw its completion at 1:00 PM. Dr. Sarfraznawaz Shah, Dr. Rushikesh Joshi, Dr. Mehul Contractor along with 8 first year Physiotherapy students ( Jaya, Isha, Riddhi, Priyanka, Krupali, Dvisha, Nikita and Jonshi) participated in checking the random blood sugar level of 135 subjects.

Our Principal Dr. Mehul Jadav sir along with Dr. Paras Bhura sir, Shri. Jagdishbhai and the students of BPT first year ( Rinkal, Kinjal, Avnita, Shilpin, Shivangi and Pooja) visited Varnama and Alamgir villages and distributed notebooks and other stationary items to Primary school students of the village. They reached Varnama village at 11:00 AM. In Varnama Village, the total number of students in 4th , 5th, and 6th standard were 99. Each student was gifted 3 notebooks along with a pencil, rubber and shapener. The students of 1st, 2nd and 3rd standard were gifted 2 small notebooks along with other stationary items and the total number of students in these classes were 110. In all 517 notebooks, 209 pencils , rubbers and shapeners were distributed. At 12:30 PM our team consisting of Dr. Paras Bhura sir , Shri. Jagdishbhai and the 8 BPT students reached Alamgir Village where the total number of students were 40. Each student was gifted 2 notebooks with a pencil, rubber and shapener, this accounted for total 80 notebooks, 40 pencils, rubbers and shapeners.

At 2:00 PM we started with the cultural session in with our Chief Guest was Dr, Leena Vadera (MPT Musculoskeletal and PhD). Apart from this many other dignitaries graced the occasion with their presence; Dr. N.L Kalathia ( Board member of the Governing Council), Shri. S.D. Patel (member of the Governing Council), Hon’ble Director Shri. S.K Patel sir, Dr. S.K Agarwal sir (Dean BIT) Dr. Paulomi B Vyas (Principal BIT), Dr. Vandana Patel (Principal BIP), Dr. Pallavi Agrawal (Vice-Principal BIT) to name a few. Dr. Mehul Jadav sir (Principal BITS Institute of Physiotherapy) along with the other staff members and students of physiotherapy were present as a host to the dignitaries. The Program commenced at 2:30 PM with the welcoming of the guests and Lamp Lightning Ceremony by the distinguished guests which was accompanied by Saraswati Vandana by the Physiotherapy students. This was followed by an informative speech by the Chief Guest on the topic of Diabetes, in which Dr. Leena Vadera effectively stated that along with dietary changes, lifestyle modification also plays an important role in preventing and controlling diabetes.

This was followed by a speech given by Hon’ble Director Shri. S.K Patel sir, in which he laid emphasis on communicating with children, effectively addressing their curiosities and spending quality time with them whenever possible. After the enlightening speech of sir, the Principal of BITS Institute of Physiotherapy Dr. Mehul Jadav sir offered the Vote of Thanks. The program proceeded with Lectures on Different Physiotherapy topics by BPT students, this was a competition which was judged by Dr. Ajita Misra and Dr. Rushikesh Joshi. There were 5 participants out of which Shabnam Kapadia received the first position. At the same time Poster competition was organized in the classroom which was judged by 2 teams of judges; Dr. Mehul Jadav sir and Dr. Mehul Contractor in first team and Dr. Kunjal and Dr. Paras in the second team. There were 10 participants out of which Bhargavi Patel received the first prize.

The completion of the poster competition was followed a beautiful song by Shilpin and Pooja (students of BPT), Group Dance by Priyanka and group, a wonderful solo dance performance by Deepika, a drama titled “Tathastu”, a self composed poem by Bhavika. At last Principal sir spoke appreciating and encouraging words for students as well as the staff members and the program ended with Prize distribution at 4:50 PM.