Industry Academia Meet Chetan Bhagat
BITS Edu Campus

Industry Academia Meet Chetan Bhagat

An Exiting Conversation of Respected CMD sir with Mr. Chetan Bhagat during Industry Academia meet:

CMD Sir: How did you find our campus?
Chetan Bhagat: Usually I go to any institute for the students only. The best part of BITS Edu Campus is the quality of the students; they are extremely enthusiastic, alert and bright. The questions they have fired were very impressive and remarkable. Moreover, Best part of BITS Edu Campus is wonderful Infrastructure and cleanliness of the campus.

CMD Sir: As we are in Education field what can be done for improvisation?
Chetan Bhagat: : Any good institution changes over the time, so it will be good if you can adapt changes and meet needs of industry by keeping companies in constant touch with institution. Moreover, Exposure, viz. student exchange programs, Internships, Trainings etc. which your institution is already doing which helps students a lot.

CMD Sir: What can be done to motivate youth?
Chetan Bhagat: : Youth needs good guidance, they need to be cultivated that these years are crucial years of life and these years may also have lots of distractions too .They must be motivated to realize the importance of these years. As good career is not achieved that easily, it requires whole hearted efforts.

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