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Infrastructure Electrical Department

In order to cope with the global requirements the institute provides the latest facilities to the students such as MM Class Rooms (Higher Semester), Networking of Class Rooms with electronic database. The building has well equipped laboratories to conduct experimental works. All the lecture halls are well ventilated and to be provided with latest teaching aids like multimedia-overhead projectors along with the black boards.


  • High Voltage Lab with High Voltage AC/DC test set (with control panel), oil test kit, HV tester for solids, Electrolytic tank with electrodes, Rod-gap apparatus, Horn gap apparatus, Corona Cage and different types of sphere gaps.
  • Power Electronics Lab with single phase and three phase fully controlled Thyristerized bridge converter, single phase and three phase AC Regulator, Power Scopes, Function Generators, DIAC/TRIAC Kit and DSO(Digital storage Oscilloscope).
  • Instrumentation and Measurement lab with various types of bridges, voltage ratio box, megger, phase shifting transformer and CRO.
  • Basic Electrical Lab with single phase and three phase transformer, single phase ac varics, series and parallel kit and various network theorem kits.
  • Power system Lab with various types of relays, insulators and model of substation.
  • Electrical Machine Lab with DC Shunt Motor # DC Series Generator Set, Slipring Induction motor # DC Compound Gen Set, Sq Cage Induction Motor # Dc Motor, Brake Test Unit of Induction motor, D.C. motor # 3 Phase Alternator, 3 Phase Variac and panels with various types of D.C. generators with D.C. Shunt motor
  • Software Lab with MATLAB, PSIM and MIPOWER.

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