Principal's Message

Welcome to BITS Edu Campus…

College life is the most formative part in any student’s overall development. It is during this period that the student absorbs all that he utilizes in the coming years.

Every institution stands on the pillars of the intellect of those who belong to it. Thus every attempt made towards widening the horizons of a human mind must be encouraged. As many global organizations working on the same ideals since the days of graham bell, I urge you all to support it.

The vision of establishing an institute of excellence provides a valuable roadmap for the development of students & teachers and bringing out the potential of all to the best extent. I believe that implementation of best educational practices will enable the Institute to effectively provide the necessary knowledge and skills which will contribute in refining the technical skills of the students.

Institute is not only a platform for the development of the students but also a platform where the faculty members might find some valuable resources. I take this opportunity to invite students, staff members and parents to contribute in the journey towards excellence by participating both individually and collectively.

The institute mission is to provide skilled and motivated manpower catering to the rapidly changing industrial needs and also to train students on cutting edge technologies. In a nutshell, BIT has an aim for excellence and hence produces not only engineers but also the leaders of tomorrow who are ready to face the challenges of this ever changing & fast moving world.

An exceptional feature of the Institute is Mentorship by the Teachers where every teacher is acting as mentor of 20-25 students all through the period of their studies. This initiative extends personal care of all students on academic and personal problems.

Do join us on this journey towards excellence…

State-of-the-Art BITS Edu Campus.