BIC: BITS Innovation Centre

BITS Innovation Centre (BIC) is the unit of BITS edu campus which been established to catalyze innovative and applied research. The basic infrastructure facilities, guidance, support and initiatives to promote research (both sponsored & academic research) and consultancy are unparallel at BIC.

The vibrant culture for Innovation will foster creative thinking and kindle the young minds at the campus under the mentorship of motivated faculty members of all the departments.


To endow state-of-art research facilities for the incubation, realization and promotion of innovative ideas for the betterment of society.


  • To be a hi-tech incubation centre for assisting researchers, academicians and industrialists in real-time realization of their ideas and promoting innovative solutions to real life problems.
  • To cultivate strong research ethics, problem solving attitude in the academicians, who will shape tomorrow and in the students, who are tomorrow.


  • To motivate and inspire the faculty members and students of campus to take-up Innovative research projects.
  • To facilitate the faculty members and students for writing good research proposals for fetching the funds from various government funding agencies.
  • To facilitate the faculty members and students write technical research paper for publishing in National/International journals /conferences.
  • To provide basic infrastructural facility for working on innovative research projects.
  • To convert the (innovative) idea into innovation.
  • To extend all possible support for drafting and filing of the patents.
  • To facilitate Interactions from various industries for guidance and financial support of the research project.
  • To undertake multi-disciplinary Research activities.
  • To undertake research identified by various industries.
  • To carry-out consultancy projects based on research and innovation.


  • A Research Team comprising of highly experienced faculties from all the departments.
  • Laboratories comprising of highly advanced equipments.
  • High Bandwidth Internet Connectivity & WiFi Facility

Resource Persons:

  • Dr. Santosh G. Shah : Director (Innovation) & Professor – Civil Engg. Dept.
    Mobile : + 91 7069084513
    E-mail :
  • Dr. Heli A. Shah : Dean (Innovation) & Asso. Professor – Electrical Engg.
    Mobile : + 91 7069084514
    E-mail :