Achievements Electronics & Communication Department

7th sem (2016-17)

130050111096Vishwa Pancholi9.639.079.38
130050111087Ravi Thakur9.318.989.28
140053111033Upadhyay Sejal9.289.229.44
130050111018Disha Dholakiya9.138.499.21
130050111039Nidhi Khakher9.59.19.53

1st sem (2016-17)

160050111002BHAVSAR FAIRY9.349.34
160050111016KHUSHBOO PATEL9.179.17
160050111028RITIK PRIYANSHU99

6th sem (2016)

130050111018Disha Dholakiya10
130050111039Nidhi Khakher10

Institute Toppers 2015

  • Vishwa Pancholi got 9.19 SPI in 5th Sem
  • Pratap Ketan got 9.16 SPI in 5th Sem
  • Himani Ahirwar got 9.1 SPI in 5th Sem
  • Nirgude Tejashree Vijay got 9 SPI in 7th Sem
  • Chaudhry Mohmed Saani got 8.97 SPI in 7th Sem
  • Patel Jay R. got 8.9SPI in 7th Sem

Extra Curricular Achievements

  • EC department has conducted various activities under IETE (The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers), OSTC (Open Source Technology Club) for the past 8 years
  • Department has launched a new chapter under Mozilla Firefox Club
  • Students have participated in Robo Tryst-14 Nationwide Technical Festival IIT-Delhi and reached upto zonal round.
  • Third year EC students got 1st rank in Xitij 2015 non-technical event conducted by GTU, 1st rank in quiz competition conducted by R. R. Kabel, 3rd rank in competition arranged by IETE (The Inquizition), Vadodara.
  • EC department first year students won 2nd prize in Science Model Competition at Vadodara.
  • Recently department received a grant from “GUJCOST” for organizing workshop.

Technical Events

NoDetailsName & Enrollment No of the Student
1PRAKASH-13 Nationwide Technical Festival SVIT, VasadK.S.Asha (110050111528)
2Zonal round of Robo Tryst-14 Nationwide Tehnical Festival IIT, DelhiAman Kumar Singh (130050111004)
Vatsal Pandya(130050111044)
Mayank Singh(130050111001)
Gaurav Yadav(130050111506)
3Techtonic(Robo Race)-14, Nationwide Technical Festival, Government Engineering College.BharuchKrunal Patel(130050111010)
4Logger Heads Eminence -13, State Level Technical Fest,-Sigma Institute of Engineering, VadodaraNabil Gandhi(110050111008)
Udit Jeswani(110050111034)
5Foot Prints’13 , Nationwide Technical Festival,Faculty of Technology and Engineering, MSU, BarodaPuranik Sudhansu(110050111055)
Nabil Gandhi(110050111008)
Udit Jeswani(110050111034)
Ankit Dhyani(110050111090)
6EC-Tech Paper Presentation ’12 Nirma UniversityRahul  Shailwale(120053111001)
7Constroption ’13 BITs edu CampusDiwakar Danecha (110050111012)
NoParticipation at (Name of Event, Name of Organizer, Date of Participation)Name & ID No of the StudentRank if any
Treasure Hunt, BITA-IT Fest’13, VadodaraPatel Krunal(110050111002)
Darshan Shah(110050111100)
Salabh Raval(110050111112)
Zalak Kavatriya(110050111060)

Students Achievement – Technical

NoDetailsName & ID No of the Student
1Technical Festival Projection’ 14 organized by Parul Group of Institutes during February 17-18, 2014.

Technical Treasure Hunt

Mr Diwakar Danecha Kothadia (110050111012), Ms Juhi  Shah (110050111001) of 8th semester
2Technical Festival Projection’ 14 organized by Parul Group of Institutes during February 17-18, 2014.

Mesh Maestro

Mr. Rahul Shaiwale (120053111001) of 8th Semester
3Technical Festival Foot Prints’ 14 organized by SVIT,Vasad during February 22-23-24, 2013.

The Labyrinth

Mr. Brandon Monteiro
(110050111027) of 8th semester
4Technical Festival Tyrst’ 14 organized by IIT,Delhi during February , 2014.

ROBO Tyrst-2014

Mr. Aditya B Mohanta
(130050111003) of 4th semester
5Technical Festival GTU Techfest’ 14 organized by GTU,Ahmedabad during March 14-15, 2014.

Caza Electronica

Ms. Shruti Rastogi
(120050111092) of 6th semester

Students Achievement – Extra Curricular Activities

NoParticipation at (Name of Event, Name of Organizer, Date of Participation)Name & ID No of the StudentRank if any
1Gujarat State Judo Championships for Junior-Gujarat State Judo Association – October 12, 2013Krunal Bhavsar- 130050111010Winner(3rd)
2All India Essay Writing Event-
Shri Ram Chandra Mission,Shahjahanpur
-February 02,2012
Ankur H. Saini(Enroll No.)
3IETE (Tresure Hunt)-BITs edu Campus-March 10, 2013Gaurav Kalani(110050111538)Winner(2nd)
4IETE(The Inquizition)-BITs edu Campus-
March 1, 2014
Vaibhav Iyer(130050111023)Winner(3rd)
6IETE(The Inquizition)-BITs edu Campus-
March 1, 2014
Hashvi Mistry(130050111037)Winner(3rd)